Welcome to Watcoo

Watcco Engineering is a pioneer and the leader of the food packaging industry. The company is an innovator in the manufacture of systems for material handling and food processing, the supply as well as the international distribution of the same. State-of-the-art Industrial products are of the highest quality and include from Conveyors, to Material Handling and special purpose systems.

Watcco has redefined the paradigms of excellence with its three essential pillars: Technology, Operations and Productivity.


  • A brand for the reputed business.
  • Frontrunner in effective & efficient packaging solutions.
  • Extremely reliable & Particularly reasonable.
  • Commitment to Society. Excellent Client oriented Operations.
  • Relentless testing and a continuous quality boost.

Watcco excels in today’s competitive environment with requirements of both foreign and domestic clients gratified with cost-effective methods as well as holistic solutions.

Watcco has an experience of more than 20,000 installations worldwide and the 100 plus member strong team has absolute mastery over a comprehensive range of services and production. The company is regarded critically morally for its ethical business practices and appreciated globally as trusted partner in the food packaging industry.

At Watcco, the foundation of a strong and lasting business partnership is cemented by the optimal solutions, the hitech equipments and the top-class service for a supreme performance production.

Our machines are used by industry leaders like